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Welcoming winter with the warmth of Mahal & Shiraz Carpet Area Rugs
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Welcoming winter with the warmth of Mahal & Shiraz Carpet Area Rugs

The misty winter has indeed made a noticeable stop around us. This calls for decor that contributes to the warmth of your home and comforts you from the cold. Rugs & Carpets undeniably generate heat in the room along with the added advantages of aesthetics and protection of the flooring. Area rugs also dampen excess noise in a room as well as cushion your feet with their soft texture and frictional jute backing. 

 Let us help you make your home winter-ready. The Mahal and Shiraz collection of area rugs has been endowed with historically relevant motifs and noble hues like earthy shades, matt black and ivory. Incorporating history in their weaves through tribal & ancient motifs along with the then-predominant Persian-Indian architectural hallmark carvings, make the Mahal Collection of Area Rugs & Carpets and Shiraz Collection of Area Rugs & Carpets your must-have premium home decoration.

Here is how you can adorn your home with Mahal and Shiraz rugs to complement your existing decor:

  • Dimensional designs: With their futuristic demeanour, carpet area rugs that incorporate edgy shapes complemented with regal shades like maroon, greige and navy blue make perfect partners for contemporary interiors. The Shiraz Frames Carpet Area Rug and Shiraz Maze Carpet Area Rug inhibit qualities of cubism art and earthy colours including bronze, to provide the ultimate enigmatic and suave look to your home. Since blue is the colour of winter, we also have the Shiraz Geometric Diamonds Carpet Area Rug to fill your pastel-walled living spaces with a solid warm-hued area rug.
  • Powering the pale: If soft colours engage your home spaces and you wish for a matching rug that would go with the marbling patterns of your tiled floors, then let the regal creams, greys and blues of the Mahal 09 Carpet Area Rug, Mahal Motif Carpet Area Rug and Mahal Minar Carpet Area Rug enthral your home spaces. Filled with finely crafted florals and tale-telling illustrations, these Mahal area rugs bring to your modern home a twist of Persian history, alluring enough to steal the attention of and initiate conversations amongst your guests.
  • Conspicuous botany: Intricate florals contain grandiose, naturally representing royalty and the interiors adorning palace walls. For an obvious treat for homes that especially harbour wooden decor, rugs of beige and maroon like our Mahal Amar Carpet Area Rug, Mahal Ibadat Carpet Area Rug and Mahal Muntazir Carpet Area Rug best represents ornate florals to enhance your traditionally decorated home. These area rugs, however, would also be an interesting aid to winter Boho Chic-styled interiors, especially the Shiraz Flora Carpet Area Rug with its colourful and sizable flower patterns juxtaposed against a pristine white background.
  • Contour the sombre: Even though it is all about dark colours attracting and trapping the heat, do not let your interiors reflect gloom and aloofness. Keeping in mind the dark winter palette, bring home our Mahal Shab Carpet Area Rug whose gradient dyeing exudes a black velvet feel and its navy blue variant, the Mahal 14 Carpet Area Rug, whose ivory white patterns render the effect of fallen snow. If abstracts are where your interests lie, then have a look at the Mahal 17 Carpet Area Rug, whose free-hand drawn patterns automatically fit home interiors with mixed pieces of furniture.
  • Bits of Myths: Your home is your comfort haven, but it could be a gateway and a historical museum too. Take for example the Mahal Jaisalmer Carpet Area Rugs whose beige and tan surface foregrounds Rajasthani folk art and desert-animal figurines or the Mahal 07 Carpet Area Rug whose collage-like ensemble of traditional Persian motifs provide that winter quilt look. Furthermore, an area rug like the Shiraz Tribal Carpet Area Rug interweaves the classic Kilim motifs from Iran over a grey-blue background, best suited for anyone seeking tribal treasures to centre stage in their homes.

We’ve enlightened you with our splendid Mahal Collection and Shiraz Collection of Area Rugs and Carpets. Pick your favourite aristocratic floor decor and make your home a winter wonderland!

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