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Hues of Fall with Rugs from Portland & Mashael
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Hues of Fall with Rugs from Portland & Mashael

The season of Fall is here; trees have begun shedding their viridescent leaves and are decorating the parks and streets of the city with autumn foliage. The serene chills of the autumn breeze enliven our surroundings and every aspect of our lives, including our home spaces. Rugs and Carpets are the undeniable decor items in charge of warming up the ambience of your rooms by keeping the floors balmy and your feet protected from the growing cold.

The presence of a rug causes a home to encompass absolute beauty and style. So how about snuggling up to some winter-hued rugs, coupled with modern moderate designs? 

We’ve compiled a perfect list of rugs based on the hues of fall, to enhance your home with some seasonal glamour. We’ve cherry picked the Portland Collection and Mashael Collection of Rugs & Carpets especially curated for autumnal decor needs. The colours of these rugs vary from shades of burnt orange replicating the crispy leaves to the pure blue of November skies. 

Orange at play:  Apart from giving your home enticing wooden interiors akin to a scenic rural cottage or accentuating your vintage showcase, an orange-shaded rug naturally brightens any setting regardless of the colour scheme of that given place.  Consider the Portland Carpet Area Rug PL-02, whose patterns of warm mirage waves emanate throughout the surface of the rug, and the play of cream and brown compliment the burnt orange curvy stripes.

Another friend to the colour orange, is the Portland Carpet Area Rug PL-03 adorned with plant motifs, and lightly veneered with a grey that helps deepen the maroon and rust of the orange leaf motifs. While the former carpet is perfect for those who prefer abstract patterns, if you wish for some symmetry over your floor, the latter rug is an ideal choice. 

Tune to some maroon: Closely associated with passion and mystery, maroon is exemplary for decor that demands stability and energy. Often, our pastel walls and mellow furniture stand out best when contrasted with a solid-coloured carpet whose designs aren’t loud but gently mesmerising.  A perfect fit for such rug types is the Mashael Carpet Area Rug MS-05 whose white intersecting lines are precisely drawn over the rich maroon surface. 

Similarly, Mashael Carpet Area Rug MS-07 contains beautiful octagonal beige shapes neatly placed, for a geometric effect. In case the dark background of maroon isn’t your type of autumn vibe, don’t shy away from the Portland Carpet Area Rug PL-07, where a cubic illusion can be achieved to give your home a more futuristic look. 

Choose your blue: Be it royal blue or soft teal, blue is an endearing colour whose hues dominate the sky and seas.  This ‘colour of trust’ in its darker shades like azure and navy blue naturally infuses your home with a comforting ambience, which is very much needed to prepare your home for the oncoming winter. Aligning with modern edgy patterns, Mashael Carpet Area Rug MS-02 skillfully plays with geometry over the Navy blue surface. 

If you choose blue for a botanical treat, then Portland Carpet Area Rug PL-06 with overlapping leaf motifs in monochromatic blue is what you’d want. Either way, blue on your rug is a perfect addition if you opt to have minimalist decor that can lightly influence your home with beauty.

Grey has a say: A common neutral choice for flooring and carpets is the colour grey. Not only is it a great contrast colour, but it also provides the necessary proximity needed inside a room. If you want a dramatic centrepiece for your living room, we have a couple of rugs that balance grey with sleek black, as well as green and light blue, like Portland Carpet Area Rug PL-04 with its engaging triangular illusion effect.

The Portland Carpet Area Rug PL-08 has its texture enhanced with the square sponge designs with an overall dash of grey. For a home that needs a combination of dark solid colours paired with light hues like beige, the Mashael Carpet Area Rug MS - 04 is the right rug for the role.

Are you seeking carpets for your living room? Make the autumn season a memorable and stylish one with Sapana Carpet-Mat's exclusive range of Rugs and Carpets

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