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Sapana Carpet-Mats
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Match your vibe with your Chatai
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Match your vibe with your Chatai

The traditional Chatai Mat, an embodiment of comfort, longevity and cost-effectiveness, can now also symbolise something more personal to you: your ‘vibe’. For your every quirk and characteristic, we have Chatai Mats that suit you and your vibe. Presenting Chatai Mats that would make great companions apart from being versatile and durable in nature:

  • ‘Minimal is more’ vibe: For those who keep things simple, adore the minimal, and love clarity, the Hues of Pink, Hues of Blue and Hues of Green Chati Mats are quite self-explanatory Chatai Mats. Whatever the colour be, these monochromatically woven mats harmonise multiple shades of the same colour to dispense a very modernistic aura to your home. If you choose these mats as your outdoor companions, be sure to revel in their ‘down-to-earth’ appearance since they represent earthy elements like pink sunsets, sea waves and green meadows.
  • ‘Urbane everywhere’ vibe: If stylish, formal and suave are the energies you transpire, we have Chatai mats for you that follow suit. The Kilim 03 range of mesmerising Chatai mats comes in corporate colours like black, grey, mustard etc. Resembling chequered or self-design attires, the Kilim 03 range of dichromatic paring with white provides you with sleek contemporary home decor. When outdoors, along with the Kilim 04 Chatai Mats, you could also spruce up the natural habitat with a Chatai made of contemporary geometric motifs like the GM 33 Regatta Blue for a stylish contrast.
  • ‘Royal reality’ vibe: Seeking decor adorned with brocade patterns isn’t restricted to archaic chateaus or traditional mahals, so for historians and adventurers, the Corsica Range of Chatai Mats and the Marrakesh Chatai Mats bring to you meandering motifs and Zellige tile patterns that glide the walls of Persian and Indian monuments. You can efficiently carry your regal presence while performing outdoor activities as well, and choose complementary toned colours whose presence is hard to be missed, like the tangerine and citron green, as both stand out vividly. Since gold undeniably exudes prestige, the Murano Chatai as well as the Chittagong Red & Golden Chatai are great choices as they magnificently weave gold sinews alongside the rich indigo and red surfaces.
  • ‘Active as always’ vibe: Maybe you’re always on your toes, ready to move and always exhibit energy that is hard to compete with. Luckily, we have Chatai Mats that not only display sporty stripes and motifs accompanied by bright hues, but also provide you with rest after your workouts and outdoor activities, and catalyse calmness while you perform yoga. Fluorescence predominantly means luminous and glowing, also simultaneous to vitality; that’s very well depicted in our Ikat 04 Chatai, which adds a pop of colour pop to any drabness. Similarly, the variegated hues found in the range of Kilim 04 Chatai Mats give you colours that symbolise energy i.e orange and youth i.e green.
  • ‘Flattered by patterns’ vibe: You might be the kind who can effortlessly see beauty in everything and are keen on bringing home the first Chatai that attracts you based solely on its patterns. You’d then definitely enjoy Chatai Mats like those in the Motif Chatai Mats range with their simple sapling motifs and austere colours that have captivated the attention of many. Similar to this best seller, aligning with the blue, grey & green alliance is also the FL-13 Chatai and FL-10 Chatai, whose colossal leaf motifs deliver a rainforest look to your home, but more importantly define the traditional motifs of Chatai Mats that are finely embellished with florid intricacies.

Make your way into the Sapana Carpet-Mats collection of Chatai designs from florals to abstracts to find your flattering indoor and outdoor decor.

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