Sapana Carpet-Mats

When was Sapana Carpet-Mats founded?

Sapana Polyweave Pvt. Limited was founded in 1984.

Where are our products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured at our state of the art production facilities at Aurangabad, Maharashtra


What is a chatai mat?

A Chatai is a polypropylene weaved mat commonly used for sleeping, meditation, exercise, outdoor picnics etc.

Where can I purchase a Sapana Carpet-Mats Chatai?

Sapana Carpet-Mats Chatai are available at all the leading retail stores , and from our website

Which materials are used for making a chatai?

Our Chatai- mats compose of 70% Virgin and 30% Recycled polypropylene.

What are the available sizes for chatais?

The Chatai is sized as 45x45 cms, 90x180 cms, 120x180 cms, 180x180 cms, 180x270 cms & 270x270 cms.

How many collections does the chatai have?

The collections we currently offer for Chatais are Kilims, Floral, Geometric, Abstract, Ikats, Stripes & Wanderers.

How to select the ideal chatai?

Consider the space where you are going to use your chatai and measure it. Proceed to select a Chatai that fits the measured space as well as select the motif/pattern & colour of a chatai that complements the decor of that space well.

How to take care of and maintain chatai?

You can opt for wiping the surface of the chatai with a wet cloth or use a garden pipe to clean it.

Area Rugs

How many sizes are available for area rugs?

We have area rugs sized as 57x140 cms, 90x150 cms, 100x150 cms, 120x180 cms, 150x210 cms & 180x270 cms

Are the area rugs and carpets hand-woven?

No, the rugs and carpets are machine-produced for precision of designs and patterns.

Are these area rugs manufactured in India?

No, these area rugs are manufactured in Egypt.

Do you cater to making customised area rugs?

No, at present we do not offer the facility of customised rugs.

Do you offer maintenance services for area rugs?

No, we do not offer any maintenance services for area rugs.

Are the area rugs and carpets pet-friendly?

Yes, the area rugs and carpets are pet-friendly.

How to take care of and maintain area rugs?

You can shake the rug or vacuum it regularly. Do not bleach, spot clean or dry clean. Avoid exposing the door mat to direct sunlight.

Are the area rugs and runners stain-washable?

Our rugs and runners are easy to clean and maintain. You can clean off the stains using a damp cloth or vacuum. The rugs and runners should never be machine washed. Instead you can opt for dry clean or spot clean. Care must be taken to avoid exposing the rug to harsh sunlight.

Do the colours of the area rugs run?

No, the colours of the area rug won’t run. Prolonged use may lead to some colour fade.

How many collections do we have?

Our Rugs and Runners collections are Kashan, Mashael, Portland & Comfort

Door Mats

What is the difference between a door mat with backing and without backing?

Door mats with backing come with a backing material that provides stability and lends anti-slip properties to the door mat. A door mat without backing is equally durable and stable and has non-slip properties.

Is the coir door mat made of artificial material?

The coir mats are made with 100% Hard Wearing Coir that is made of naturally available coconut.

Where can I use an anti-slip doormat?

Anti-slip door mats are most beneficial for bathroom floors, kitchen floors, or on tile surfaces.

How to maintain and clean a doormat?

Shake off the doormat regularly and use a vacuum. Do not bleach or steam clean and avoid exposing the doormat to direct sunlight. Our Bristol range of doormats can be machine washed.

Shipping Policies

Are there separate shipping charges?

No, the Standard Shipping is Free.

How many days does the order delivery take?

The estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days.

How much time does it take for a refund?

We initiate the refund process once we receive the products from you in its original packaging. Usually the refund process takes 15-20 days. 

Is there a way to track my order?

Yes! You can easily track your order with the tracking number we provide once you have successfully placed an order with us.

What are the payment options available?

We accept all major credit / debit cards, UPI/QR, Netbanking & Wallet

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, you need to send us an email on within 24 hours of placing your order.

What is the exchange period of a product after delivery?

Exchange period of a product is 10 days from the date of delivery. Once we receive the product at our facility, we will thoroughly inspect the product for any damages. Products without original packaging won’t be eligible for exchange , return or refunds.

What is the warranty of the products?

We guarantee the product to be free of any manufacturing defects.

Can I exchange a chatai for a rug?

No, you cannot exchange a chatai for a rug. You can place a new order instead!

Do you offer home trials of the products?

At present, we do not offer any home trials of the products.

Can we order products on the website from outside India?

No, you can not order products from our website from outside India.