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The Importance Of Rugs & How To Use Them
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The Importance Of Rugs & How To Use Them

We’re all very familiar with the fuzzy and warm feeling of stepping onto a rug barefoot. Apart from the sensory benefits that rugs provide, they also make rooms come alive with their patterns, cosy tufts and colours. Rugs are the most affordable and effortless way to transform your interiors. Rugs can be used to add elegance to any room, no matter its size or make.

Rugs are extremely important for many reasons, but these qualities make them an essential addition to your interiors:

  1. Protects from allergens
  2. Offers a soft surface
  3. Makes cleaning easy
  4. Anchors furniture
  5. Transforms decor on a low budget

If you have recently bought a rug, or are unsure about how to use them in the best way possible, we have some ideas for you:

  • As a sound absorbant
  • Rugs are effective for soundproofing. Rugs dampen vibrations and reduce sound transfer to an extent. Rugs are a fashionable way to deflect noise and create a calmer effect in the room. The thudding noise of footwear, paws of pets, furniture and toys mellow down on rugs. If you have wooden flooring in your home, using rugs as sound absorbants will do wonders.

  • As an anchor for furniture
  • Rugs create a backdrop for pieces of furniture and bring them together. In the living room, you can anchor your furniture by placing the rug right under the front edges of the sofa or the couch. This will ensure that the person sitting can stretch their legs forward on the warm and fuzzy rug. Anchoring dining tables with rugs is also conventional. You can place an area rug directly under the legs of the table and the chairs surrounding it. In the bedroom, placing the rug at the front end of the bed or beside it, in case of empty space, works very well to make the bed appear comfier and put together.

  • As a repellant for dust and stains
  • Rugs have more uses than mere aesthetics. Rugs offer extra protection against dust, grime and dampness. If you have plain floors which are susceptible to stains, adding a rug is an affordable investment towards maintaining its crystal clear appearance.

  • As art
  • The sky’s the limit when it comes to using rugs for decor. You can use bright rugs to create a contrast with your plain walls and floors or even hang one on the wall to capture the attention of your visitors. Having a rug against the wall works like a makeshift painting that filters out the allergens in your living space to a certain extent. You can even put rugs on top of glass or wooden tea tables to make them more stylish and protect them from spillage.

    Now that you have a better hang of how to use rugs, it’s time to consider buying one too! Head over to our shop to choose the rug that meets all your home decor fantasies.

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