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Why is placing doormats essential?

Why is placing doormats essential?

Sometimes when we visit a friend or a family member, we see a doormat in front of their door and wonder whether it was really necessary to have one. However, doormats do more than just take up space. They can be a cost-effective solution towards:

  1. Preserving your floor Your rugs, tiles or wooden flooring are your pride. Your decor seems perfect with them as they go together seamlessly with the paint and the aesthetics of your room. Having to replace them can be a painful experience both emotionally and financially. Continuous wear to these floors is inevitable, especially during monsoons. A doormat can spare you a lot of this heartache. It keeps the feet of the guests clean so as to not have to clean and scrub the floors every single time after you have someone over. This means less wear out for these surfaces and lower chances of replacing them in the near future.
  2. A Cleaner home When it's raining outside and the soles of the shoes are wet, you could risk spoiling your floors with muddy and dirty shoes in your house. This can be a messy affair to deal with on its own, but adding to that are bacteria and allergens like pollen and mould spores that are hard to keep a track of and detrimental to your overall well-being. When you already have your hands full with problems relating to hygiene, inviting germs into your house from all sorts of locations is not very helpful. A quality doormat can act as a cleanser that traps the dirt, moisture and other above-mentioned contaminants from the soles of the shoes to ensure they do not get a free pass into your home.
  3. Preventing Accidents During monsoons, stepping onto a tiled floor with wet shoes or feet can be dangerous, especially if there are lots of people passing by on the same spot. The build-up of dampness and water droplets on those tiles can make them highly prone to skids. A doormat comes in handy if you want to prevent any unwanted accidents by absorbing water from the soles before you enter the room in a hurry.
  4. Decor aesthetic Let us take you back to that moment when you were in front of your friend's or family member’s house. You noticed the doormat straight away since the other apartments didn’t have any. Doormats can be more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, which makes a great first impression on your guests. Other than the purposes we have already seen, a doormat that matches your decor is a perfect ‘trailer’ or welcome to showcase the rest of your interior design which you have painstakingly worked on to perfection. Now that you know how essential doormats can be, you should definitely buy one too! Hop on over to our store and buy the perfect doormat for that perfect welcome into your home.
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