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How to choose the best entrance matting material
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How to choose the best entrance matting material

Shopping for doormats can be difficult with there being so many different materials to choose from. Different materials have different properties that make them perfect doormats. Here are the most popular materials used for making doormats and their characteristics, to help you choose the best fit for you:

1. Polypropylene

Polypropylene mats are durable and versatile. Their abrasive texture gives an effective scraping action and is great at trapping up dust that our soles might bring in from outside. Polypropylene doormats are perfect for reception areas and in front of the main doorway for houses. The doormats at our online store are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Check out our Mashael and Portland range!

2. Coir

Coir might have been overshadowed by more modern materials but is the classic example of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. Coir is a natural material that is made from the husks of coconut shells which has a coarse touch and gives it a bristly texture. This makes it great at collecting dust and keeping the underfoot clean. It is also easy to clean and is very low maintenance. More than anything, coir mats are aesthetically warm, welcoming and classy looking. If you are looking for an ecofriendly option, coir is the one for you. Coir doormats like the ones we have on store are eco-friendly, practical and come in various designs. Choose a Coir mat for your home today!!

3. Microfibre

Microfibre is a trendy material nowadays. It is a synthetic material with individual fibres thinner than a human hair. Microfibre is extremely efficient at trapping moisture and dirt. Due to the fibres being fine and flexible, they reach further up footwear treads and clean better than other materials. Microfibre also has comparable water absorbency to cotton but dries in just a third of the time. Our Bristol range has the functionality of microfibre and the beauty of our designs. Check out our Bristol range here.

4. Shrink polyester

Shrink polyester sheds moisture and is resistant to almost all water-based stains. This material can be great in front of doorways during the monsoon, or bathroom doors to make sure that exiting into a room after a shower is a completely clean affair. They also hold on to allergens like dust, mildew or spores. These types of doormats are very easy to dust off and maintain. Our polypropylene and shrink polyester Mashael range combines the above properties with the durability of polypropylene. Check it out now! .

5. Polyamide

Polyamide doormats are great for entrance matting. Its soft touch has the resilience to go with it which means no more imprints! It is also fade and stain resistant, making it easy to maintain. It dries quickly and has excellent cleaning properties. Our Lexington range is for you if you are looking for a luxurious feeling mat that is equally tough. Get it here.

Now that you know a little bit about the different kinds of entrance matting materials, why not pick out the doormat to match your decor? Our store has a variety of mats just waiting to be picked out by you.

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