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Sapana Carpet-Mats
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Pairing your Chatai Mats with Famous Indian Festivals
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Pairing your Chatai Mats with Famous Indian Festivals

India has a rich heritage with many festivals throughout the year. We get ready for these festivities by setting the atmosphere in our homes by adding beautiful and comfortable decor.

Sapana Carpet-Mats’ ergonomically designed Puja Chatai/Mat, known as the Aasan Mat, provides seating support during prayer sessions, and appeals aesthetically to any festive decor, thanks to their royal hues like red, gold, royal blue and black. We have our other range of Chatais that would suit modern interiors with festive motifs.

Note the following suggestions for coordinating Chatais with notable festivals:
    • Diwali: Celebrated during autumn this festival is also known as the "Festival of Lights." We suggest pairing this festival with opulent Chatai Mats that have intricate motifs like the Murano Chatai, or the Red and Ivory Chatai. The Pushp Chatai is also a perfect choice, with its mandala patterns mirroring the iconic Alpona designs of the rangoli, due to its white weaves.
    • Holi: Celebrated during spring, this "Festival of Colors," is about vibrancy. People of all ages engage in the revelry of throwing coloured powder and water at each other, along with singing, dancing and participating in special rituals. The Hues of Pink, Green and Blue Chatais embody grandeur. So is the Kilim 03 Chatai collection, where the precise shapes weave in bold and mesmerising colours that reflect the indelible nature of Holi’s powder colours.
    • Navaratri: Celebrated during autumn, this nine-day festival celebrates the 9 adorned avatars of the Goddess Durga. Apart from fasts and prayers, the Dandiya dance is the highlight of the celebrations. The Marrakesh Chatais’ rare citron, ultramarine, coral and marigold hues remind us of the assigned colours during the nine days of this celebration. Including Green and Ivory Chatai would also be a great idea.
    • Ganesh Chaturthi: Celebrated during the ending of the monsoon, The Ten-day soulful festival alludes to prosperity, wisdom and good fortune. This festival’s decor is marked by flaming yellow florals. Although the Corsica Chatai range of Chatais has a background of florals and botanical patterns, if one wishes for a yellow treat, then the Kilim 03 Chatai is exactly what you’d love.
    • Dussehra: Celebrated during autumn, the "Festival of Victory," also marks the preparation for Diwali. Thus, passion and courage exhibited through ‘red’ pervade the atmosphere during this festival. The vivid Chittagong Red and Golden Chatai can evoke festive spirits, along with the light red Jasmina Chatai whose floral contours add liveliness to the Chatai.

Hope our list of amazing and embellished Chatai Mats motivates you to get your festive preparation for the year started!

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