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Sapana Carpet-Mats
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Making Dreams of Owning Rugs & Carpets Come True
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Making Dreams of Owning Rugs & Carpets Come True

Personalising one’s humble abode is a universal phenomenon. It’s a common sight to see a home standing tall with pride, featuring its family legacy and traditions tracing many generations. Curated with stories, memories, and meaningful souvenirs from the past, a home is much more than a place. In fact, a home is a feeling with your loved ones around. 

Regardless of its size, height, and area, every house deserves to be adorned and made into a unique space. Choosing your wall shade, chandelier, floorings, and accessories, to what kind of wood is to be used for the main door: every choice contributes to creating a space that speaks to you.  

When it comes to setting up your home, rugs and carpets significantly transform the look and feel of a space. Besides providing a warm cosy surface to lean on, they also help in thermal insulation, are slip resistant, and a protective layer on the floor. As a customer, you get a pool of options to buy a rug or a carpet from. However, finding a brand that matches your style and shares the same ethics and values as you is challenging.

Here are four reasons why you should choose Sapana Carpet-Mats:

1) Legacy

The trusted choice of both Indian and international customers, Sapana Carpet-Mats has been providing comfort to millions of homes since 1984. Our products are exported to more than 25 countries and are available at leading retail stores across the world. 

With an aim to provide high-quality and user-friendly products with exquisite styles at a reasonable price to our customers, Sapana Carpet-Mats' dedication has been recognised with the much sought-after PLEXCONCIL’s award for the Top Mat Exporter,13 years in a row.

2) Distinct Collections 

Sapana Carpet-Mats brings you four distinctive collections of area rugs and carpets: Mashael, Portland, Comfort & Kashan. Each collection is designed to cater to different interior styles. From contemporary to modern to traditional and oriental vibe: we have something for everyone! 

  • Mashael collection

Mashael means light and radiance. The design-rich collection has geometric patterns & intricate floral motifs that are popular with all our customers. Make your house feel like a comfortable and regal home with Mashael. The diversity of colours and patterns will make carpets from this collection real treasures to behold.

  • Portland Collection 

Featuring the contemporary and uncompromising style of the urban drama, the collection derives much of its character from unique patterns, bright hues, and fine textures of the fabric. Portland rugs offer homemakers the chance to really showcase modern design statements. 

  • Comfort Collection 

With a homely vibe and floral designs, Comfort collection rugs are bound to become a favourite of everyone at home. Curated with love, Comfort rugs are known for being super soft and comfortable to use. Make any space desirable and pleasant with the beauty of the Comfort collection.

  • Kashan Collection 

Bring the Persian appeal home with the Persian-inspired collection of Kashan rugs. The Iranian style of dense decoration and floral motifs make Kashan rugs a rich addition to any household. Kashan rugs marry aesthetics with sustainability by combining designs that keep the eyes busy and a backing made of 100% environmentally friendly jute.

3) Premium Quality

As a leading brand, we prioritise high standards of quality across our products. We strive to deliver products that cater to our customer's needs while providing durability, warmth, comfort, and elegant designs. Our rugs are made with Polypropylene and Shrink Polyester. The rugs have an extra thickness for increased durability and are super soft to touch. 

4) Commitment to Sustainability

Our green and environment-friendly philosophy influences every business choice and endeavours. We are dedicated to making our planet a better place. Several measures have been adopted to minimise ecological damage and protect the environment such as: 

  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified products
  • SMETA/BSCI audited plants
  • Use of solar energy that has helped save 30,893 trees to date
  • OEKO-TEX certified products

We do not use any tree-damaging cartons. Instead, we employ flexible & reusable HDPE bags to package final products.

Millions of people around the world choose Sapana Carpet-Mats rugs every year: our products’ durability, design, and super softness make them the preferred choice of customers. Explore our products and collections on our website and find your own reason to buy one!

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