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How to Measure the Knots in Area Rugs
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How to Measure the Knots in Area Rugs

We bet counting the knots at the back of a rug isn’t the first thought that crosses your mind when you’re looking to buy a new rug. For many rug enthusiasts though, rug knots play a deciding factor that determines the quality of a rug. Let’s learn all about knots and how you can measure them.

What is a Knot Count?

Knot count or knot density is the number of knots measured within a certain area on the back of the rug, that indicates how much time and effort it took to weave the rug and ultimately determines its selling price.

How do you count knots of a rug?

Here’s a simple way to count the rug knots. All you have to do is turn your rug over and place a ruler on it. Count the points running ten centimeters horizontally and vertically. Ensure that you begin from the same point for the both ways.

Multiply the two total numbers that you will get after counting horizontally and vertically. Then multiply this number by 2 and then multiply the total number by 100. That will be your final answer.

For example:- 30 (vertical count) x 30 (horizontal count) x 2 x 100 = 180,000 points per Square Meter.

Finding the right kind of rug that matches your style and checks all the quality boxes can be a hassle for you. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop you from adorning your floor with soft cozy rugs. At Sapana Carpet Mats, we offer an array of design and colour options with premium quality that will withstand you for many seasons to come.

Here are all the significant Sapana Carpet Mats rug details that will convince you to opt for this decade old brand.

 Collection Name Material Knot Counts GSM PIle Height
Comfort Polypropylene BCF 75000 1350 3 MM
Mashael Heatset & Shrink Polyester 210000 1500 11 MM
Portland Frieze 220000 2250 10 MM
Kashan Polypropylene Heatset 252000 2000 10 MM
Shiraz Polypropylene Heatset 465000 2400 10 MM

Does it count?

Although its a general misconception, knot count does determine the finesse a rug possesses, and the level of details it will have in its design. The more curvilinear the rug design is, the finer the rug will be. It’s similar to photographs: the higher the count of pixels, the smoother and less pixelated an image would look. 

By observing the knot counts, you can get an idea of a rug’s origin. More often, higher knot count rugs are made in the city in large numbers, where weavers usually are equipped with modern facilities. Whereas, nomadic tribal groups mostly make less fine rugs for their own use which requires a lot of effort.

Regardless of the rug pattern, be it a floral design with intricate details and a higher knot count or simple geometric lines with a lower knot count, knot count shouldn’t be the only factor to judge rug quality.

Knot count doesn’t directly indicate how valuable or expensive a rug is. There are different parameters that come into account. For instance, Persian antique rugs are valued for their age, design and condition apart from their knot count. The ideal way to buy a rug is to look at the overall aspects, such as fibre, usage, size, design and colour, to name a few. 

Other quality factors of a rug that count! 


The durability of a rug depends on its thickness. Thickness is nothing but the height of the pile in your rug. To simply put, the taller or thicker the pile is, the more chances of the rug to have good durability. 


The density of a rug refers to how close or packed the fibres are weaved together. A rug with high density will have fibres supporting each other, thus creating a strong rug body. In order to test the density of a rug, use two fingers and try to move or brush on to the rug. If you face difficulty brushing on it then the rug has high density.


These are some of the factors that can help you decide and buy your next rug and transform your space effortlessly. 

Knot counts are one of the ways to help you decide the quality of a rug, however, having an open mind and not restricting to only one factor would help you choose well.  

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