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Colour Coding your Decor: Tips to Mix and Match Carpets with Walls
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Colour Coding your Decor: Tips to Mix and Match Carpets with Walls

Our everyday living spaces embody our personalities, culture, legacy and tones, characterised by the common spaces we share with our family members. For every changing trend that you wish to adapt to, Rugs & Carpets play a special role in your decor, because of their dynamic yet classic nature. 

The colour of our walls is mostly neutral with earthy tones, like pastel greens, sky blues, soft cream, and shadow grey. Our floorings don’t usually contrast the wall shades either; so a plain marble/jade textured floor deserves an intricate and undulated patterned Carpet. This will help bring out both the minimal appeal of your home decor as well as the elegance of the Carpet. 

Likewise, a Carpet with subtle hues could naturally elevate your room by highlighting the empty spaces and absorbing the heavy decor or furnishing. Some Carpets in our Kashan range, for instance, come in three hues of Maroon, Navy Blue and Moon White, where the former two shades glam up the decor whereas the latter shade immerses into the decor to let the furnishing stand out.  

Keeping in mind the parameters of one’s furniture, wall paints and flooring, let's ‘mix-match’ and not ‘mismatch’ our Carpets with walls using these essential tips:

Choosing Carpets to complement Wooden Decor and Muted Wall Paints:

Some of the most prominently found interior furnishings are wooden in nature. With furniture made from wood types of Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Birch etc. Rugs & Carpets that give hints of Timber like our Kashan KS-16 have a predominantly cream/white hue with fine geometric multi-coloured outlines. The minimalist garb of the Carpet helps cushion heavy wooden furnishings. If you want your walls to reflect spaciousness but also maintain cosiness, choose rustic toned Carpets like the Portland  PL- 02 whose waves replicate the wooden texture of your decor. Follow these tips to make your home the ultimate avenue of warmth.  

Matching Carpets with predominantly White Decor and Plain Walls: 

Classified as coastal, clean and classic- having an interior that is devoid of flamboyant colours is not uncommon in many contemporary and modern homes. These types of interiors are perfect for semi-regal motif Carpets or deep shaded Carpets with light patterns, like our Ornate Florals Kashan Rug or the Mashael MS-05 rug; both of which exude intense and fine designs with prompts of ivory, cream and white. When assembled together in a white-decorated home; the dark-hued carpets help balance the tones of the room, making the Carpet the centre of most living room conversations. 

Mixing Natural-patterned Carpets with Floral Decor and Pastel Walls: 

A home with green creepers decorating the walls, window grills overflowing with lush foliage, tiny succulent plants decking every table, and variegated flowers in vases surrounding the living room, are just the right setting for Carpets with similar botanical patterns and subdued hues. For example, the Comfort CF-03 Carpet Area Rug encompasses multiple blue shades in floral shapes which is the best contrast for florid and viridescent hues. In a similar fashion, the Portland PL-06 Area Rug with leaf motifs befits the lush temperament of your home space. 

Matching Traditional & Ethnic Carpets with Light and Pastel Wall Paints: 

In its sheer essence, ethnic home decor is a collage of multicoloured showpieces, traditional artefacts and the family heritage that has been collected and nurtured through aeons. Often, decor like this is most effective when juxtaposed with light/ pastel colour walls. Our luxury Carpets are known for knitting together a historical legacy into their designs; like the Kashan range of Rugs and Carpets. The Kilim Motifs Carpet Area Rug combines the symbolic importance of the Persian Kilim motifs layered on the Carpet of noble solid hues. Adding a Carpet of this kind exquisitely increases the traditional diversity of centrepieces at your home. 

Combining Contemporary Carpet designs With Modern Interior Walls of Sombre colours. 

The utility of greige hues continues to increase in desirability amongst many people these days. For walls of stone blue, bluish-grey, olive green and other similar shades; you might want to align with Carpets that match or supplement those shades. The Mashael MS-02 Rug with its deep blue colour and the designs in geometric configurations would make an enticing fit to the modern interiors. If you desire a majestic yet toned-down twist for your floors, then consider the Comfort CF-02 rug with its greyish overtones paired with a subtle red-black tinge and delicate floral patterns. 

Don’t forget to check out the colossal range of Rugs and Carpets at Sapana Carpet-Mats and make your Carpet choice with a variety of options to choose from.


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